High-Quality Moodmats

Do you respect wood? Why have a beautiful new coffee table with a bland coaster? Check out our stylish coaster that will be the talk of your living room! Moodmats are essentially coasters for rigs. They protect your table from being damaged by drips of hot wax or any other smoking-related damage. They keep the mess levels down when you’re dealing with sticky shatter wax, oils, and other concentrates. Without a Moodmat, your concentrates might end up forever stuck to your table. Moodmats keep you from having to place your rig directly on the table. They add some friction to the tabletop to keep your expensive glass pieces from sliding and moving around, and they cushion the glass from the hard surface of a tabletop. These moodmats are made entirely of up-cycled scrap rubber, everything from wetsuits, gaskets, weather stripping, wheelchair seat molds, stock car tires  and other organic materials. Whether you use it as a decorative center piece, or a coaster for your drinks and glassware alike, this mood mat would make the perfect addition to your coffee table. 
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