Artist Behram Agha

Behram Agha, also known as “The Dyslexic Artist”, was born in Pakistan and now resides in Massachusetts. With an astonishing range of styles from simple study sketches to sculptures, detailed realism and abstract installation, Behram has painted it all. He always liked Leonardo da Vinci, his legacy of fearless creations, borderless shapes and variety of styles.

Behram Agha specializes in oil on canvas, acrylic and digital painting with applications such as ProCreate and PhotoShop. He is a self-taught artist with 17 years of art experience and is well-known for his exceptional skills and creativity.

Behram Agha has an immense love for the outdoors, he enjoys nature in all its beauty, all colors of life and its essence of creation. He is fascinated with all art mediums, from Studio Ghibli in Japan to Salvador Dali. This eclectic taste of multiple mediums results in an interesting art book collection covering stories and facts from all over the world.

His positive and outgoing personality makes him extremely social and he is always interested to hear the stories of close-ones and strangers alike. He is very close to family and friends, loyal and always willing to help by means of both donations and charity work.

With 17 years of experience and a love for all things art, Behram Agha is an artist to watch. Whether you are a fan of oil on canvas, acrylic, or digital paintings, Behram Agha's work is sure to impress and inspire. Visit his gallery today to experience the creativity and passion of this talented artist!

Dyslexic Realism

Dyslexic-Realism is a unique and innovative style of art created by the talented artist, Behram Agha. Combining the principles of Realism with the visual perspective of dyslexia, Dyslexic-Realism creates a new and captivating approach to representing the world.

In Dyslexic-Realism, Behram Agha uses his exceptional visual skills and dyslexia to create works that are both accurate and detailed, while also possessing a unique and imaginative quality. The style is characterized by a focus on everyday subjects, such as street scenes, landscapes, and portraits of ordinary people, but it is also infused with a sense of whimsy and wonder that is unique to Behram's perspective.

The colors in Dyslexic-Realism are bold and vivid, and the lines are fluid and free. Behram's works often possess a sense of movement and energy, and they are full of intricate patterns and details that invite the viewer to explore and discover.

In addition to its focus on accuracy and detail, Dyslexic-Realism is also committed to social and political commentary, much like traditional Realism. Behram's works often explore and critique the social and political issues of our time, and they serve as powerful commentaries on the human condition.

Dyslexic-Realism is a truly innovative and visionary style of art, and it is a testament to Behram's exceptional talent and creativity. Whether in painting, sculpture, or other forms of art, Dyslexic-Realism is a style that will continue to captivate and inspire artists and audiences alike for many years to come.